The lord of your land demands your taxes! Cooperate and farm resource to provide to the locals. Be generous, and they will reward you. Don't meet what they need, and they will hold you back.

Made in 3 days for Score Jam #6 for the theme of "Karma" in collaboration with Harry H. All the art/code was created by us.

How THE LORD NEEDS relates to the theme:

By definition, karma is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.

In this case, we really embraced the idea of karma by creating a positive/negative system in the game with the locals you can appease. Displease a local (the cause), and they will provide less for you (the effect), costing you in the game. On the other hand, if you provide extra for them, they will give you benefits that grant you advantages to meet your tax quota.

How Scoring Works:

At the end of 5 months in game, the lord will check whether or not you have paid your taxes. Each resource you harvest grants you 1 point, every 10  gold you have at the end of a 5 month cycle grants you 1 point as well. Making it to the end of a 5 month cycle grants you 100 points.

Random Events In the Game:

Heavy Rains - slow your movement that month.

Horses trample ground - speeds you up during that month.

Bandits have raided nearby towns - service prices are more expensive.

Supplies are cheaper - service prices are cheaper.

Spring rains - Greater harvest per extra-successful harvest (33% to get an extra successful harvest every harvest)

Drought - Less harvest per extra successful harvest.

Strong Winds - half your current resources are destroyed.

Bandits raid your house - half your gold is taken away.

Swarm of locusts - Less duration for the next month.

Injured your leg  - you move slower and duration is shorter.

Regular sunny days - No penalties or benefits.

Sound Credits:

We used royalty free sounds for all the sounds in the game. The full list is provided here:  - Success  - Failure  - Selling  - Grass  - Menu Open  - Button  - (Rocky Top) Background  - People Card Sell  - Selling to lord  - Ambient Noise

Published 28 days ago
AuthorsJingHaoYao, thefinals
Made withUnity

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